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Personal services

We care about your every little need whether it is about starting your day or ongoing assistance. We are there to make your everyday life easy
It includes

Moving around
We work to support you in your daily life chores- such as transfer from wheelchair to bed or toilet

Dressing and grooming
Every morning hoist assistance in getting ready for the day

Bathroom assistance
To assist you in your personal care such as brushing teeth, shaving, cleaning and taking shower

Medication assistance
We make sure that you take the medicine at a right time because is your health is our first priority.

Cooking assistance and meal preparation
To assist you in cooking dishes of your choice

paying bills
To keep track of your bills and pay them on time

washing & ironing
We manage your laundry

skills building
We provide you the best trainers to build special skills in you so that you can independently work for yourself

We make your quality time with your friends worth it

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