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Live-In or 24-Hour Care

Top-Rated Live-In Home Care for North West Sydney Seniors

Home Care Assistance of North West Sydney, NSW, provides customised care to meet a senior’s exact needs throughout the ageing process. Sometimes, hourly care is the right choice. For other seniors, a higher level of assistance is needed, and live-in care is ideal in these situations. With live-in care, seniors receive the benefits of around-the-clock assistance and the most comprehensive care plans to meet a variety of needs. With this level of support, seniors are never alone and without appropriate help and supervision. This makes it possible for many to continue safely ageing in place and for families to feel confident knowing their loved ones are being cared for by the top experts in the senior home care industry.

Live-in care is appropriate for a variety of situations, including:

  • When seniors return home from the hospital after a stroke, extended illness, or surgery
  • When full-time assistance is necessary due to a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • When fall prevention is a serious concern
  • When seniors have long-distance caregivers or need a higher level of assistance

24-Hour Support That Promotes Independence

Live-in care empowers seniors to retain control and independence. For many, it is a preferred alternative to institutional care, as it allows them to continue enjoying the pleasures and comforts of home. At Home Care Assistance North West Sydney, our live-in care provides seniors with the highest level of autonomy. Our care plans are designed with the senior’s needs and goals in mind and completely cater to preferred schedules and routines. The 24-hour support we provide is designed with flexibility in mind so it always evolves and meets changing needs.

A Holistic Approach to Live-In Home Care

Caring for seniors is about much more than simply meeting basic needs. Enhancing quality of life and promoting longevity are equally important. At Home Care Assistance in North West Sydney, all our live-in caregivers are certified in our proprietary Balanced Care Method. This innovative program takes a holistic approach to ageing and incorporates proven ideas embraced by some of the longest living elders across the globe. This is but one of the programs offered to our caregivers at Home Care Assistance University and incorporated into our live-in care plans to help change the way the world ages.

We understand making the decision to hire live-in care is a big step. At North West Sydney Home Care Assistance, we are here to help. Call us at 02-9051-1000 to discuss your loved one’s needs and concerns, ask questions, and better understand your options. We provide complimentary, no-obligation evaluations. Contact us anytime to learn more.